Yen-Lo-Wang MechWarrior Online Build

The Yen-Lo-Wang is the first hero ‘mech for MechWarrior Online. It’s the only Centurion variant that can carry the AC/20; the perfect weapon for giving your opponent an uppercut to the face from close range. But you can improve the default Yen-Lo-Wang to make sure its the last man standing in a brawl.

Yen-Lo-Wang Build

The upgrades to the standard Wang you need are ferro-fibrous armour and double heat sinks. In the right torso (next to the arm carrying the AC/20) make sure you are carrying 3 tons of ammo and C.A.S.E., to protect yourself in case the ammo takes a critical hit. Not sure if it’s worth it? Take the ‘C.A.S.E just in case’, this ‘mech is designed to fight on even if you lose your right hand side.


Losing your left arm won’t make a difference, there are no weapons hard-points in it. It’s meant for melee weapons but there are none in the game right now.

That brings us to the secondary weapons; keep the two medium lasers in the centre torso. In the right torso, carry two double heat sinks. Not enough to completely cool continuous firing, but you’ll be going for the knockout punch ASAP, so hopefully it won’t matter.

That’s it, now armour-up to the max.

Yen-Lo-Wang Tactics

What you need to do in battle is find the action and get involved. Select and circle your enemy, hitting him in the cockpit with the AC/20, and occasionally douse it with the medium lasers. When you aren’t firing the AC/20, twist away to keep it shielded by your left side, because you can afford to lose your left-arm, there’s nothing in it. Even if reduced to a stick, your well-armoured legs should keep you mobile and you might still have your lasers. It’ll take a lot to completely kill you.

The best part of it is the 30% extra C-bills you earn from using a hero ‘mech, and it’s also the best named ‘mech in the game so far. But the Yen-Lo-Wang costs real money, and looks like a damn Gundam.

MechWarrior Online AC/20 Arm

S***, I need that. It’s bad when you lose your right arm however. 


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