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Want a free flight-sim? Get DCS world from the official torrent! This thread in the official forums gives a better explanation of what DCS is than I ever could, so read it if you’re interested.

When you can’t look at the default model without mods, you probably need help.

The free aircraft you get with DCS World, the Su-25T, is a Russian ground-attack aircraft. It’s an all-weather, anti-tank version of Russia’s workhorse attack plane since the early ’80s. I could talk about it for a million years but I better not. Suffice to say it’s not modelled with the accuracy other DCS titles, so you don’t need to know much about it – a handful of keys operates everything. It does not have a 3D, 6 degree-of-freedom, clickable cockpit like the others either.

DCS titles now plug-in to DCS World as modules, greatly easing the process of acquiring and patching them. Eagle Dynamics have released three DCS modules so far, Black Shark 2, A-10C Warthog and the P-51D Mustang (yes, you can attempt to dogfight an F-15C with a World War 2 prop-fighter if you wish). Here are previous wasder articles on DCS P-51D. A beta of DCS Combined Arms, which adds ground-forces to DCS, is also available. Announced future titles will model aircraft like the UH-1 Iroquois (helicopter of Vietnam fame) and the Mig-21 (widely used Russian interceptor).

DCS titles include a single-player campaign, but what might really get your attention is the mission editor. A huge number of AI-controlled aircraft, ground and naval forces are available to place in any scenario you can think of, and you can play them in multiplayer.

Want to attempt to land the Su-25T on an aircraft carrier? No problem. Want to try and bomb yourself? All you have to do is load up with bombs, get into a dive, release the bomb, make the dive steeper and with a little luck you will impact with it. Forced to eject? You can go for a relaxing but lonely stroll in the Black Sea region.



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