Dark Souls DS Fix For Resolution, FPS On PC

From Software had a little trouble bringing the fantastic console-game Dark Souls to our mighty platform. Luckily the PC community fixed it, reputedly within 23 minutes. The result – DS Fix – is the second most essential thing for Dark Souls on PC. You already have a controller right?

Dark Souls DS Fix

Dark Souls at 2560×1600 in full-screen.

Un-modded Dark Souls only supports up to 1024×720. After installing DS Fix and editing the .ini file that comes with it, you can run it at up to 2560×1600, so pretty much any native resolution. Aspect-ratio is preserved, but the game will run in a slight letterbox in 16:10. Not the end of the world, and another improvement is that you can run the game full-screen as opposed to the window Dark Souls seems to like by default.

Un-modded Dark Souls is also locked to 30 frames per second, but DS Fix lets you run it at 60 if you choose. There are caveats – like collision-detection issues and a possible ban from Games For Windows Live, but that hasn’t happened to me yet. The game is a lot easier to play at 60 fps, parrying and blocking in particular feel easier to execute. The new frame rate did cause screen-tearing but there’s a V-sync option to fix that.

Dark Souls DS Fix

A succinct review of the game. At 60 FPS you might have more of a chance.

DS fix includes other great options like the ability to customise anti-aliasing,  SSAO (soft screen ambient occlusion), depth of field and a new minimalist HUD. The install is just extracting some files into your Dark Souls folder; simply delete those files to uninstall. Though it’s hard to see why you would at the moment.

Dark Souls is not as pretty as say, The Witcher 2, but that’s not the point. These Japanese guys may not care much about graphics, but they’ve nailed hard-core gameplay. With this mod, unless you are a cowardly girly boy, there’s no reason not to play it on PC.


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